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About Abaqy

Where Hijab Meets Lifestyle

In a new chapter of life on North American soil, Duaa found herself facing a familiar challenge: the struggle to find modest yet stylish hijabs and Muslim fashion. Determined to create a solution, she embarked on a journey to establish “ABAQY,” a brand rooted in the Arabic word for fragrance.

Abaqy signifies the essence of individuality and cultural richness, just like the unique scent each person carries. Duaa envisioned her brand as a fragrant tapestry of diverse styles, catering to the diverse Muslim women community in North America and Canada. With a commitment to authenticity, ABAQY blends tradition with contemporary flair, offering a range of hijabs, headscarves, and fashion pieces that resonate with the modern Muslim woman.

Abaqy’s story unfolds with threads of resilience and cultural celebration, as Duaa navigates the intricacies of entrepreneurship while staying true to her roots. The brand becomes a haven for Muslim women seeking not just clothing, but a reflection of their identity and a celebration of their journey in a new land.

Every ABAQY piece is carefully crafted to embody the spirit of the wearer, a fragrant reminder of the strength and grace that comes with embracing one’s heritage in a diverse world. The brand becomes a beacon of inclusivity, a place where Muslim women find a sense of belonging and empowerment through fashion that resonates with their values.

As Duaa’s venture flourishes, ABAQY becomes more than a clothing brand; it becomes a symbol of cultural richness, entrepreneurship, and the sweet aroma of success born from a genuine desire to fill a gap in the market. ABAQY is not just about garments; it’s a movement that celebrates the beauty of diversity and the strength found in embracing one’s identity.

About Abaqy Hijab